Backbends – Mastering the Basics : 4 Week Technique Workshop

Beautifully designed to provide support and a wide range of movement, the spine has a unique feature, and that is the ability to sit, stand, and walk, with the head, neck, and trunk in vertical alignment. 
Backbends are tremendous postures and one of the most exhilarating asanas to practice.  They develop flexibility, strengthen, realign and increase the mobility and structural integrity of the entire spinal column. They align the pelvic region, stretch and strengthen the legs, boost energy levels while inspiring self-confidence, courage, and vitality.  Backbends can also teach us to be more patient with ourselves by accepting our limitations and using them as a guide to move deeper by unlocking an inner intelligence. 
Each week, In this workshop series, we will be practicing and incorporating fundamental alignment techniques and actions to incorporate into a series of back bending posture,  learning how to energetically and intuitively open restricted areas of the body to safely deepen these asanas.

Fridays: Oct 20, 27 & Nov 3 , 10 |  6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
With : David Gellineau
Cost :Pre-reg 4 weeks : $120 • Single drop in : $35
HST will be added (10% off for members)

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Yoga for Life: A Guided Vinyasa Class for Breastober

October is Cancer awareness month and Beach Yoga Centre will be offering a special, donation based class to help raise funds to support Breastober, the Breast Cancer Research Program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Breast cancer affects women, it affects men, it affects our families and our communities. Come out and join David Gellineau, the teachers, students and practitioners from BYC and Toronto’s Yoga community as we practice together, in this special class to help raise an awareness and funds to conquer cancer.

Although no pre-registration is required as this is a drop in style class, please let us know at if you will be attending. You can make your donations on the day of the event or online at the breastover website.Tax receipts will be issued.

Your donation will support the Breast Cancer and Breast Restoration Programs at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre – one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.

You can also make a donation at the Breastover website on our event page.
Thank you for your donation, in honour of someone who matters to you. 

Sunday October 29, 2017 |  1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
With : David Gellineau
Donation Based. Suggested Donation : $25.

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Intro to Yoga Workshop

This course is designed to introduce new students to the physical practice of yoga. A smaller class size allows for more individual attention, detailed instructions, adjustments and questions.This 4 week absolute beginner workshop is recommended for those who are new to Yoga.

Mondays: Nov 6,13, 20 & 27 |  7:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Cost: $89.00 for all 4 weeks or $25 for single drop- ins
HST will be added

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Introduction to Zen Meditation

Bring the Zen approach to your Practice and Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

  • By learning to disconnect from the everyday stresses and pressures of modern life, we create a space where our body and mind can deeply relax.
  • By learning to be more present we will participate more fully in our lives.
  • Meditation regulates and improves the functioning of our body.
  • Meditation creates the space for new ideas, thus is boosts our creativity.

In this workshop will:

  • Learn a beginner’s Zen Meditation technique
  • Explore the best way and attitude to establish our practice
  • Ways of bringing Zen into our daily activities.
  • Explore different types of meditation and their purpose
  • Explore different misunderstandings and side effects

A minimum of 6 students are required for this workshop

Mondays: Nov 27, Dec 4 & 11 |  7:45pm - 8:45 pm
With : Monica Jacome
Cost: $60.00
HST will be added

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Hip Parade Workshop

The remedy for tights hips is not one stretch but a balanced series of postures and movements that target the hips and create a greater fluidity of movement and stability in the entire pelvic girdle. This workshop will guide the class through series of postures, in a flowing manner, sequenced to target the pelvic region and unlock the most stubborn hips.

This workshop is appropriate for those who are comfortable in a Level One and up class.

Friday December 15, 2017 |  6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
With : David Gellineau
Cost: $40.00
HST will be added

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10th Anniversary of the
A Chocolate Holiday:
Annual Led Primary Series Class

10th Anniversary…Where does the time go?  In this invigorating class students are guided through the traditional sequence of the Primary Series, from sun salutations through standing, seated postures, to backbends and closing poses.  After class stay for awhile and let’s have some chocolate. People are required to bring all their chocolates, their love for practicing, and dental floss to share.  Chocolates and cupcakes will also be provided.

Monday December 25, 2017 |  7:30 am - 9:00 am
With : David Gellineau
Regular class fees apply. No pre-registration for this event , as this is a drop in style class.

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