Hip Parade Workshop

Tight hips? Do you dream about getting into lotus or some of the arm balances that require open hip? Postural alignment in everyday movements and gaining support from the core at the pelvis is the foundation for yoga postures , fitness and outdoor recreation. Increasing hip flexibility relieves lower back pain, reduces the risk of injury, prevents undue pressure being place on the knees and ankles as well as strengthens the spine, creating more mobility throughout the whole body .

The remedy for tights hips is not one stretch but a balanced series of postures and movements that target the hips, and create a greater fluidity of movement and stability in the entire pelvic girdle. This workshop will guide the class through series of postures, in a flowing manner, sequenced to target the pelvic region and unlock the most stubborn hips.

This workshop is appropriate for those who are comfortable in a Level One and up class.