Walking Meditation Workshop

This workshop is postponed until further notice.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
Walking meditation is a yogic practice to bring our attention to the mind and body together in motion. We take one step and are mindful of the in breaths and the out breaths. We are mindful of the present moment. We are solid and free has people and free from daily distractions. Our movement is pleasant and enjoyable. Our energy in the body becomes stronger and concentrated. Breathing in we are aware we are alive. Breathing out we are aware we are free and at home completely in our body. 
Walking meditation is an opportunity to be aware of all the small muscles in our feet and the big muscles in our hips that help us move. It is a yoga practice for daily life combined with gatas (small poems) it focuses attention to help us recover from any illness or injury and assists circulation in the body pumping more oxygen to all our muscles helping us maintain our center, solidity, and freedom of movement. It connects and grounds us with each step we take. Mindful of the chakras. In our fast lives, we need time to bring ourselves home to moving in the present moment and enjoying the energy of being fully alive and awake.
Join Karen as she guides you in practice, learning how to meditate, meditation techniques, practice session, and discussion.


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